April 7, 2014

One Injured in Riverbend Apartment Shooting, Macon

Macon Local News

A 38-year-old man was shot during a break-in at the Riverbend Apartments in Macon Saturday evening, April 5, 2014.

According The Macon Telegraph, two men and a woman forced their way into the home of a Riverbend Apartment resident around 10:00pm Saturday evening. The resident was shot during the struggle and his attackers fled the scene.

Media report the victim was rushed to the hospital, where he was listed in critical, but stable condition.

Our Legal Take

The Murray Law Firm is questioning whether the intruders were residents of Riverbend and, if not, how they were able to obtain access to the property. Only weeks ago, another victim was robbed and assaulted at Riverbend, raising serious concerns over apartment complex security.

Given the recent history of violence at Riverbend, what efforts were made by the property owner and management to improve security following the previous attack? What security measures, such as an access controlled gate and security patrol, were in place at the time of the shooting?

Georgia premises liability laws require apartment owners and managers to protect residents and guests from foreseeable harm. Should the Riverbend owner and management have failed in this duty, the victim of this shooting may elect to hold the property civilly liable for his injuries. Total recovery may be in the millions of dollars and will demand Riverbend and other local apartment owners finally make resident safety their first priority.

The Murray Law Firm works tirelessly to protect victims of apartment negligence and we offer our legal expertise, if needed. Anyone seeking legal representation or further information is encouraged to contact us at 478.246.1010 or toll free at 888.842.1616.

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March 24, 2014

Woman Stabbed in Waffle House Assault; Restaurant Security in Question Following Multiple Robberies

A 63-year-old woman was stabbed during an attempted robbery outside a Gadsden Waffle House Saturday morning, March 22, 2014.

According to an Alabama Media Group news release, a Gadsden Waffle House patron was assaulted while walking to her car in the 75 East Meighan Boulevard parking lot, just after 4:30am Saturday morning. The victim was apparently approached by a man who attempted to steal her purse. She was stabbed during the struggle. Her attacker fled the scene when police responded to her screams. A suspect was later taken into police custody.

The terrifying incident is at least the fourth Alabama Waffle House robbery in the last year, leaving serious concerns over the restaurant's security measures.

The Murray Law Firm is following media developments of this incident closely and questions whether a grave security lapse may have contributed to this assault:

Following previous Waffle House robberies, what efforts were made by the Gadsden Waffle House owner and management to improve restaurant and parking lot security?

What parking lot safety measures, such as surveillance cameras, bright lighting, emergency call boxes and security guards, were in place at the time of the stabbing to protect patrons and deter such assaults?

As the details of this robbery continue to develop, it may be possible that the owner and management of the Gadsden Waffle House failed in their duty to protect patrons from foreseeable harm. Should the restaurant be found at fault, the victim may elect to hold the owner and management civilly liable for her injuries. Such a claim may be in the millions of dollars and would, most importantly, send a clearly needed message to all Alabama restaurant owners on the need to provide adequate security for patrons, particularly those establishments with late night and early evening business hours.

The Murray Law Firm works tirelessly to protect victims of property negligence. We pray for the swift recovery of the victim injured in this horrific Waffle House stabbing and we offer our legal expertise, if needed. Anyone seeking legal representation or further information is encouraged to contact us toll free at 888.842.1616.

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March 21, 2014

New Legislation Seeks to End 'Ambulance Chasing' in Georgia; The Murray Law Firm Congratulates the Legislature in Passing HB 828

Georgia legislators have passed a bill which seeks to end the unethical practice known as 'ambulance chasing.'

The Bill, which amends O.C.G.A. ยง 33-24-53, targets attorneys and medical professionals who purchase and sell accident reports as a means to exploit victims. Unscrupulous attorneys and doctors use these reports to obtain personal contact information of accident victims and their families, and then directly contact these victims in their homes, hospital rooms and by telephone in an unlawful attempt to procure new clientele.

The disdainful practice is a violation of privacy and a clear disregard for the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct. Unfortunately, the regrettable actions of a few have given rise to a public distrust of many. The term 'ambulance chaser' has become synonymous with a field of law, which at its best, exists solely to empower people over corporations and insurance companies, to serve those harmed by the negligence of others and to guide everyday citizens to justice through what is often a daunting and complex legal system.

As a personal injury and wrongful death law firm, The Murray Law Firm has long been aware of the unscrupulous and illegal measures some attorneys in this field use to obtain clientele. As such, The Murray Law Firm founded the SAC 'EM Campaign (Stop Ambulance Chasing) to raise public awareness, empower victims, and effectuate change. The new Bill is an encouraging step toward that end, and we cheer the legislation. To learn more about this newly proposed legislation, please visit the Georgia General Assembly website by clicking here.

The Murray Law Firm has achieved the Martindale Hubbell AV Preeminent rating, an honor achieved by meeting the highest ethical standards in our field, as attested to by judges and other attorneys who serve to better the practice.

If you have been injured and have been directly contacted by a lawyer or an individual acting on behalf of a lawyer, please notify The Murray Law Firm at 888.842.1616 and we will assist you in reporting the lawyer or individual to the appropriate authority.

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