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Truck Warning25-year-old Clayton Goolsby was killed Monday, July 14, 2014, in a fatal log truck accident on GA 22 near Milledgeville, GA.

According to The Macon Telegraph, Mr. Goolsby, of Fort Valley, was traveling eastbound in a Chevrolet pickup truck when a westbound log truck entered a curve near Stembridge Road. The logs shifted, causing the trailer to over tun onto Mr. Goolsby’s pickup. Mr. Goolsby perished at the scene.

Postal delivery worker, Kim Dann, witnessed the logs coming loose and had to veer into a nearby driveway to avoid being hit. Another witness, Jennifer McMahon, commented, “My husband and I had been traveling behind this truck for 30 miles and I made sure to keep a mile distance between us….”

The accident has raised serious concerns over safety standards of trucking and logging companies in the area.

Our Legal Take

While charges have not yet been filed in this tragedy, The Murray Law Firm is questioning whether speed, mechanical malfunction or a lack of safety regulations may have contributed to this crash.

Did the log truck undergo a weight and safety inspection prior to travel? Did the cargo weight and position meet safety regulations? Were the straps used correctly and, if so, was their failure to properly handle the load due to an equipment malfunction? Did the tractor trailer itself suffer a mechanical malfunction and, if so, when was the vehicle last inspected? 

How fast was the log truck traveling as it navigated the turn? Did excessive speed on a corner cause the shift in weight?

As the details of this tragedy continue to emerge, the family of Mr. Goolsby may elect to file civil claims with the logging company,  trucking company and the truck operator. Further claims may also be filed with the manufacturer of the truck and safety straps, should a catastrophic malfunction have contributed to this horrific accident. Of course, legal proceedings are of little importance to a grieving family, however, claims of this magnitude will demand trucking and logging companies reevaluate safety standards, vehicle and cargo inspection procedures  and driver training.

Photographs and a thorough, unbiased inspection will need to be performed immediately before any evidence may be damaged or destroyed. The Goolsby family should retain an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as practicable to ensure all evidence is preserved and their best interests are protected.

The Murray Law Firm works tirelessly to protect victims and families of trucking company negligence and we offer our legal expertise, if needed. Anyone seeking further information or legal representation is encouraged to contact us at 478.246.1010.


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Cody Brantley Accident

AJC/Channel 2 Action News

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A truck driver is facing charges in the Winder, GA tractor trailer truck accident, which claimed the life of 29-year-old Cody Brantley Wednesday, June 4, 2014.

The AJC reports, Cody Brantley was traveling westbound in a pickup truck along Highway 316 when the Dodge 3500 in front of him slowed to a stop as it approached a mower straddling the westbound right lane and shoulder. Mr. Brantley also slowed as he approached the two vehicles. However, the tractor trailer traveling behind Mr. Brantley did not slow in time. It crashed into the rear end of Mr. Brantley’s pickup truck, forcing it into the rear of the Dodge 3500. Both the pickup truck and the tractor trailer overturned in the crash. Tragically, Mr. Brantley perished from injuries.

The driver of the Dodge 3500, Richard Shane Moore of Athens, was transported to Athens Regional Medical Center with injuries. His condition is unknown.

Police have charged the tractor-trailer driver with second-degree vehicular homicide and following too closely.

Our Legal Take

The crash comes only days before another tractor trailer truck driver fell asleep at the wheel, killing one man and injuring several others. Investigators have not announced why the Winder truck driver failed to stop in time and whether speed, distraction or sleep deprivation may have been factors.

Given that the tractor-trailer’s driver has been alleged to be criminally at fault in this accident, the family of Cody Brantley may seek to hold the tractor trailer driver civilly liable for his wrongful death. Further claims may also be filed with the trucking company and the owner and operator of the mower, should their negligence have contributed to this tragedy. Richard Moore may also elect to file claims for all injuries he sustained in the crash. Total claims may have a substantial value and would, more importantly, serve as a grave reminder to all truck drivers and trucking companies on the need to obey federal rest requirements, avoid distractions and share the road.

As unscrupulous trucking and insurance companies are often more concerned with limiting their financial exposure than providing for victims and their families, both Mr. Moore and the Brantley family should retain an experienced personal injury firm without delay to ensure all evidence is preserved and their best interests are protected.

The Murray Law Firm works tirelessly to protect victims of catastrophic trucking accidents, such as this, and we offer our legal expertise, if needed. Anyone seeking further information or legal representation is encouraged to contact us at 404.842.1600.

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Baxley Tractor Trailer AccidentLocal News

38-year-old Anthony Forehand and two child passengers were injured in a tractor trailer truck accident Monday, May 26, 2014.

According to WTOC News, Mr. Forehand was traveling in a pickup truck across U.S. 1 when he was struck by a tractor trailer.  Mr. Forehand was transported by ambulance to the hospital for injuries while both children were flown to trauma centers. Their conditions have not been released.

Our Legal Take

The Murray Law Firm is following media reports of this horrific accident closely and questioning what factors, such as distraction or sleep deprivation, may have lead to tractor trailer’s inability to stop in time:

How fast was the tractor trailer traveling when he struck the pickup truck? 

Was the tractor trailer truck engaged in any distractions, such as a cellphone or gps, at the time of the crash?

Was the tractor trailer driver impaired by sleep deprivation, medications, drugs or alcohol?

Unfortunately, trucking companies often encourage drivers to work perilously long hours to meet deadlines and secure their financial bottom line with little regard to the dangers sleep deprivation imposes on their drivers and those who share the roads with them.

Should the tractor trailer driver in this accident be found at fault in causing this incident, Mr. Forehand and the family of the young victims may elect to hold the driver and the trucking company civilly liable for their injuries. Such claims will ensure all those injured in this crash receive the full medical care and compensation that they need and deserve.

The Murray Law Firm works tirelessly to protect victims of negligent, distracted and impaired drivers and we offer our legal expertise to those injured in this accident, if needed. Anyone seeking further information or legal representation is encouraged to contact us at 912.385.9690.