Georgia UPS Drivers Earn Safety Honors; UPS Work Injury Attorneys Celebrate Driver Safety Recognition

62 Georgia United Parcel Service employees have been recognized in the company’s Circle of Honor, a recognition reserved for delivery drivers with 25 years or more of accident-free driving.

UPS Work Injury Attorney.jpgAccording to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Georgia now boasts 342 Circle of Honor drivers, including driver Robert Millican, Jr., who holds 43 years of accident-free driving, making him the “safest” UPS driver in the state.

These numbers are especially impressive, given that UPS drivers are at an unusually high-risk for work related accidents and injuries. Delivery drivers face long days on the road, opening themselves up to road hazards, poor weather conditions and distracted drivers.

These driving dangers, combined with the physical risks of lifting and handling heavy packages on a frequent basis, make delivery drivers particularly susceptible to work-related accidents and injuries.

The Murray Law Firm protects the rights of UPS employees who have been injured while working, whether on the road or off. Our workers’ compensation attorneys ensure these delivery drivers receive the medical care they need and the compensation they deserve.

We’d like to congratulate the newest UPS Circle of Honor drivers for making safety their top priority and remind all Georgia drivers to help these dedicated employees maintain their stellar safety records by staying alert on the roadways and providing them a safe distance while passing.

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