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(CBS 46)

Parking garages are often targets for criminal activity due to numerous dark hiding places and frequently vulnerable patrons, balancing children, strollers, car keys, and valuables. Georgia parking facility owners have a responsibility to protect their patrons from violent crime, sexual assault, and foreseeable harm. This duty is particularly critical in parking facilities frequented by families and children.

An August 2018 CBS 46 investigation reveals “a string of car break-ins at one of Atlanta’s most popular tourist destinations…the Georgia Aquarium.” Police told media “after breaking into the vehicles, the suspects then use stolen credit cards taken from those cars and go on a shopping spree.”

All too often, parking lot break-ins and robberies escalate into violence. These recent incidents serve as grave reminders that Georgia parking facility owners need to provide a safe and secure space for families entering and exiting their establishment. Parking facility security measures may include guarded entry, bright lighting, security patrols, off-duty police officers, patron escorts, and actively monitored surveillance cameras. Further, staff should be properly trained to watch for and respond to violence and suspicious behavior, such as those loitering between cars.

Victims of Parking Garage Assault or Injury: What Are My Legal Options for Justice and Compensation?

As each case and property is unique, victims of parking garage crime should speak with an experienced security negligence firm as soon as possible to ensure all evidence, such as surveillance footage or broken lighting, is preserved and their best interests are protected.

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