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ParkingLotSafety-300x202Parking facilities present inherent security challenges as they frequently occupy a large space with low levels of activity and numerous hiding places for would-be attackers. While Georgia parking facility owners are required by law to protect patrons from any foreseeable harm, the Savannah Police Department urges patrons to take security precautions of their own:

SPD Parking Lot Safety Tips for Patrons

  • Always lock the car and roll up the windows all the way. If you have any valuables or packages, lock them in the trunk.
  • If you’re staying late, park the car near an exit or the attendant — not in an area that will be empty and remote when you leave.
  • As you approach the car, have your keys ready and check the seats before getting in.
  • You might also ask the security guard or a co-worker to escort you to your car.
  • By taking a common sense attitude towards one’s security, owners and users can both greatly increase the safety of the parking lot.

Victims of Georgia Parking Facility Violence: Know Your Rights

Parking lot and parking garage patrons have a right to feel safe and secure while on the premises of the establishment they are visiting. By Georgia law, property owners are required to protect all patrons legally on the premises from any foreseeable harm. For example, should a parking garage owner have knowledge of prior violence on or near property, they have a responsibility to implement additional security precautions to protect patrons and deter such crime. Should a parking facility owner fail in this critical responsibility, they may be held civilly liable for any injuries or wrongful deaths which occur as a consequence.

Can I Afford an Attorney?

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(Consumer Reports)

The holiday shopping season is fast approaching and, while many will enjoy shopping online from the safety of their homes, thousands of others will brave malls and stores to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. The biggest challenge for most of these holiday shoppers will be navigating crowds and traffic. However, parking lots and garages pose a much greater risk.

Consumer Reports and the Bureau of Justice Statistics reports, “1 in 10 property related thefts occur in parking lots.” These parking lot crimes often lead to violence, tragically turning a festive outing to tragedy. Consumer Reports urges parking lot patrons to “avoid becoming part of that 10 percent” by taking the following precautions:

1. Chose your parking spot wisely

At the risk of stating the obvious, the closer to the mall entrance, the better. Not only is this convenient, but it is typically the most populated area of the parking lot. It is also the best lit. If you can’t find a spot that’s close to the mall and well lit, keep searching, even if it takes longer.

2. Lock it up

If you are on the home stretch of a shopping marathon, it may seem like a small hassle, but take that extra moment to completely lock your car. Most new cars have remote key fobs, but for the older ones, be patient and lock it all up.

3. Out of sight, out of (the criminal’s) mind

The best way to keep a mouse out of the house is to hide the cheese. The same can be said for leaving valuables visible in your car. Bags or expensive items of any kind should be put in the back and out of sight of would-be-criminals. A dark blanket or large towel can help conceal precious cargo. Make sure the GPS gets put away, as well. Criminals might also camp out waiting for someone to drop off a large item in the car and go back into the mall. If you have to make another trip back inside, move to another parking space on the other side of the mall.

4. Have a plan

Getting lost in the parking lot is a surefire way to make you easy prey. If you have Google Maps on your smart phone, you can “drop a pin” simply by opening the app and holding your finger down on your location when you park. Save that location and you can use GPS to get back to your car without getting lost. But don’t spend too much time looking at the map. People are easily distracted when staring at a phone, so look occasionally, and be aware of your surroundings the rest of the time.

5. Avoid Strangers

The holidays might be a time of goodwill, but criminals play on that sentiment. Be wary of strangers who approach you in the parking lot. Have your keys in one hand and your cell in the other—in case you need to call 911. And remember, the parking lot can also be a crowded place. If you scream, Good Samaritans are often not far away.

Parking Lot Patron Rights

By law, parking lot owners are required to protect all patrons legally on the premises from any foreseeable harm. Should the property owner or management company fail to provide adequate safety and security measures, they may be held civilly liable for any injuries or wrongful deaths which occur as a consequence.

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