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Huntsville Police Capt. Mark McMurray

Huntsville Police Capt. Mark McMurray

Local News

Police departments across the country are launching the Gold Star Property program, an anti-crime incentive program to assist apartment complex owners and managers in reducing violence and other crime in their communities. The program has currently found success in 44 states.

The Huntsville, AL police department is now hoping to bring this success to apartment communities in their city, having sent six officers for certification as instructors in the Gold Star program.

“These instructors will have classes throughout the year to teach apartment managers to keep their properties crime free,” HPD Capt. Mark McMurray announced to media.

“Sometimes management companies overlook the small things, making your property crime free means you need to put the proper locks on doors and windows, proper lighting in the parking lot, tenants need to sign a crime-free addendum that they will remain crime free, you need to do background checks on your tenants,” warns Capt. McMurray.

The HPD hopes to assist struggling property managers and owners with all types of crime, including loitering, drugs and violence. The changes needed to meet the Gold Star Property standards may be small, such as fresh paint and trash removal, or more complex. All property owners who complete the free program will be able to advertise as a certified Gold Star property.

Our Legal Take

The Murray Law Firm commends the Huntsville Police Department for taking the initiative to educate property owners on community safety and security. The Gold Star program is an invaluable training tool for apartment owners and managers to reduce and deter crime in their communities and it is our hope that every local apartment owner will take advantage of this free and potentially life-saving opportunity.

By law, apartment complex owners and management companies are required to protect all residents and guests legally on premises from any foreseeable harm. For example, should an apartment owner have knowledge of previous crime on or near property and fail to implement adequate security precautions to protect residents and deter future crime, they may be held civilly liable for any injuries or wrongful deaths that occur as a consequence.

The Murray Law Firm protects these victims of apartment violence and security negligence. Many of our Clients have been severely injured in, or lost family members to, apartment community violence, which may have been prevented. In their honor, we encourage all apartment owners and managers to work with their local police departments to improve the safety and security of their properties and deter crime. Perhaps, through such training and community cooperation, many other lives may be spared.

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